The Stars Don’t Align for “Meteor Shower”

Stars draw the crowds on Broadway these days, but seldom has shrewd casting created such an instant must-see as Steve Martin's new comedy Meteor Shower. The big attraction is a pair of acclaimed TV comedians making their Broadway debuts: Keegan-Michael Key, co-creator of the superb sketch-comedy series Key and Peele, and Amy Schumer, who has … Continue reading The Stars Don’t Align for “Meteor Shower”

“The Band’s Visit”: Is “Nice” Enough?

I don't want to say anything bad or disrespectful about The Band's Visit, the new musical that has just opened on Broadway after an acclaimed off-Broadway run last winter. Adapted from a little 2007 film about an Egyptian police band that winds up, by mistake, stranded in a forlorn little Israeli town,  the show is … Continue reading “The Band’s Visit”: Is “Nice” Enough?

The Fall Season: Six Shows I’m Looking Forward To

Broadway's fall season doesn't immediately inspire me. Several of the most high-profile new shows come from people whose work I've not been crazy about in the past. But I'm always looking for surprises, and here are six upcoming shows that might provide some: Meteor Shower (opening Nov. 29): Steve Martin's new play, first staged last … Continue reading The Fall Season: Six Shows I’m Looking Forward To